Cheryl Chetkiewicz, PhD, is a Conservation Scientist with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada.

Mike Bricks, MCIP, RPP, brings over 25 years of experience in the transportation planning, municipal, and environmental fields.

Rebecca has worked in impact assessment for most of her career, and currently works for the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.

Beth Williston, MCIP, RPP, has a degree in Geography with a specialization in Urban Development from the University of Western Ontario.

Peter Brown, M.Sc., has worked in the fields of environmental assessment and Indigenous engagement for about fifteen years.

Anneliese Grieve is the Principal of Strategic Environmental Planning Solutions and has over 28 years of experience working in the environmental industry.

Katie Bright is a Manager, Environmental Programs and Assessment with Metrolinx. She joined the OAIA Board in 2015 and values OAIA as a vital forum for Environmental Assessment (EA) practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences.

Anjala Puvananathan has significant experience in the federal civil service working in predominantly policy and management positions in the areas of environment, labour markets, health and public health.

Cole Atlin is an environmental consultant and post-doctoral fellow at Memorial University.

Sandy Nairn, MCIP, RPP, is the National Manager for Environmental Planning with WSP with over 28 years’ experience in Impact Assessment in Ontario specializing in transportation infrastructure.