The Ontario Association for Impact Assessment

The Ontario Association for Impact Assessment is a forum for advancing innovation, development, and communication of best practice in impact assessment through the exchange of ideas and experiences among its members, and with other organizations with compatible interests. The OAIA promotes development of local, provincial, national, and global capacity for the application of impact assessment in which sound science and full public participation provide a foundation for equitable and sustainable development. OAIA is an affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment, and its goals and objectives are consistent with those of that organization.

OAIA addresses a full spectrum of impact assessment, including its environmental, social, cultural, health, safety, and economic aspects. Its membership is consequently diverse, and at any given time, may include: managers, engineers, planners, and consultants from the private sector; managers, officials, scientists, and analysts from the public sector; public interest advocates; lawyers; health professionals; educators and researchers; students; and interested citizens.

The OAIA is guided by an elected Board consisting of a six-member Executive (President-Elect, President, and Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director, Communications), and six Directors. On November 7, 2006, the membership passed changes to the OAIA Constitution and by-laws, providing greater flexibility in the process for electing and appointing Board members.

The OAIA Seeks To:

  • Improve the practice of impact assessment to better meet the needs of the 21st century, particularly with respect to its use as a tool for achieving sustainable development objectives.
  • Develop partnerships with other organizations and institutions involved in impact assessment.
  • Enhance multi-disciplinary cooperation in impact assessment.
  • Expand professional development opportunities for impact assessment practitioners.

OAIA Activities & Services Include:

  • Organizing events that focus on important developments in the field of impact assessment.
  • Promoting research and training in impact assessment.
  • Promoting public understanding of impact assessment.
  • Encouraging the development of refined approaches and methods for integrating impact assessment into society’s planning, decision-making, and management processes.
  • Contributing – on behalf of members – to public policy discussions related to the role of impact assessment in Ontario and the greater Canada.