Next Generation Impact & Environmental Assessment in Ontario

October 25th and 26th, 2023
The Faculty Club – University of Toronto
41 Willcocks Street, Toronto

Virtual Options Available


At this year’s conference we are exploring where Impact & Environmental Assessments are going next. Our panelists will discuss from a diversity of perspectives, innovative case studies and showcase best management practices focusing on four main themes:

  • Innovative Approaches and Quick Wins
  • Meaningful Engagement
  • Sustainable Development
  • Climate Resistant Infrastructure

Topics include:

  • Innovative and Changing Approaches: Join us for a roundtable discussion where we investigate new approaches that have been used and work well. Engage with panel and audience discussion on how modernized approaches benefit infrastructure development, using sustainability tools, and developing Integrated EAs. Explore ideas for IA and EA practitioners to avoid delays and move infrastructure planning to more certainty.
  • A Focus on New Provincial Approaches: Probe our panelists for insights on delisting, deregulation orders, and enabling works.
  • Modern Populism & Getting Things Done – Modern Municipal Budget Constraints: Explore with our expert group of panelists how provincial changes to municipal budgets impact infrastructure building, including planning, development charges, and scope changes for the future.
  • Communication & Consultation: Join us for a discussion on consultation protocols, innovative approaches, better practices, north and south commonalities and differences, and effective Indigenous consultation, with case studies.
  • Impact of Land & Water: Engage with panelists on Indigenous and contemporary connections.
  • Integrating Diverse Voices in IA & EA: Explore with panelists on topics including intergenerational knowledge, integrated GBA+, community groups & advocacy impacts, and opportunities for reconciliation.
  • Impact Benefit Agreements Related to Indigenous Communities: Join our panelists for a discussion on the importance of ceremony, Community Benefits Programs, and Indigenous-led IA and EA.
  • Need for Secure Infrastructure: Engage with panelists on topics including climate action planning, risk management flood modelling and learn about ENVISION: The blueprint for sustainable infrastructure.

Abstract submission is now open! Please click here to access the Call for Abstracts page and to submit and abstract.