Sabrina Stanlake-Wong thrives in the chaos and collaboration of large, multi-disciplined infrastructure projects which improve the health, wellness and long-term sustainability of communities. As a Planner, she brings her unique perspective to solving the increasingly complex problems of the world. As a leader, her greatest joy is seeing each team member use their unique skills and abilities to collaboratively solve problems.

Much of Sabrina’s experience is leading environmental assessments across Ontario. Most recently she has led teams of diverse environmental professionals in developing and implementing large scale environmental management and post-EA permitting and approvals programs for transit projects in the GTA. With over 20 years of experience in a range of environmental assessment, environmental management and municipal land use planning projects, Sabrina knows the only constant in this field is change. She is excited to be part of OAIA and help shape the future of IA in Ontario.


Last Updated: April, 2024