Jillian Bieser is the Director of Communications for the OAIA. She is also a member of the Conference Planning committee and the Membership Committee.

Jillian holds a Masters degree from the University of Toronto specializing in Forest Conservation and is currently completing a doctoral degree within the University’s Faculty of Forestry. Jillian’s Master’s research was focused on the development of carbon management strategies for the Raja Musa Forest Reserve in Malaysia. The study required careful consideration of the potential impacts of management strategies on surrounding communities while ensuring sufficient local engagement was achieved throughout the planning and implementation process.

Her current research is focused on examining the impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on greenhouse gas flux in the Canadian boreal forest. In addition, Jillian is also investigating sustainable methods for the remediation of mine tailings in northern Ontario. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, Jillian was employed as a Project Coordinator at an international engineering firm completing environmental assessments for municipal infrastructure projects. She continues to remain involved in the field of impact assessment through her work with the OAIA where she provides an important perspective from the academic community in an effort to help bridge the gap between scientific research and practical decision-making. Jillian has recently joined the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency as a project manager in the Ontario region office.


Last Updated: April, 2019