2018 OAIA Annual Conference

October 17-18, 2018 / Technical Workshop(s) – October 16, 2018

Bay Adelaide Centre, 34th Floor, East Tower 22, Toronto

Planning & Protecting Water Resources: Emerging Issues, Approaches & Technologies

Water is an essential component of our life, well-being and economy. Water is the focus of many environmental assessments (EAs): either as a water resource-related project subject to an EA or where a proposed project may have an impact on our water resources. With technological advancements, improvements in our use and understanding of scientific and Indigenous knowledge, policy enhancements, climate change, cumulative effects, regional and strategic EA and increased public scrutiny, EA practitioners are facing emerging water-related issues in EAs at an ever-accelerating rate.

These emerging issues present challenges as well as opportunities. To tackle these issues, EA practice must evolve by using innovative approaches and new technologies and tools to help plan, manage and protect water resources.

What are the emerging water-related issues that are changing the way EA is practiced in Ontario and elsewhere? How are EA practitioners tackling these issues through innovative approaches or new technologies and tools to help protect water resources?

This year’s conference will explore these themes by considering:

  • Baseline data collection and interpretation.
  • Potential impacts modelling, prediction, and evaluation.
  • Impact management measures and follow-up monitoring program design and implementation.
  • Indigenous knowledge in EA design, baseline studies, impact assessments and community-based monitoring programs.
  • Indigenous community, the public and other stakeholder engagement and process improvement.
  • Water quality and quantity, and addressing related themes of climate change, biodiversity loss, and cumulative effects.
  • … and so much more.