Ariane Heisey has been a leader in environmental assessment since 1989. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies (Environmental Assessment and Planning) from York University. She taught planning at Ryerson University from 1982 to 1999 including a course in Social Impact Assessment. At the same time she had her own environmental planning practice specializing in social impact assessment and land use planning.

In 1999, Ariane went to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch as a Special Project Officer in the Environmental Assessment Project Coordination Section, where she managed several key environmental assessments. She continued there in progressively more responsible positions including that of a Special Projects Advisor leading the implementation of 23 EA Improvements initiatives which fell out of the EA Advisory Panel formed in 2004. Among those initiatives was the publication of 5 Codes of Practice which provide guidance on the expectations of key components of the EA programme. In this capacity Ariane also led the coordination of EAs and permitting for Ontario’s first diamond mine, DeBeers Victor Diamond Project in the Far North.

In 2008, Ariane went on to become a Supervisor in the EA Project Coordination Section overseeing a staff of seven who managed the review of numerous high profile EAs in the GTA and Central and Eastern Ontario. She also implemented the Transit Projects Regulation which streamlines the EA review of transit projects.

In 2011, after 12 years with the Ministry of the Environment, Ariane started a new job at the Ring of Fire Secretariat of the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry as a Senior Policy Advisor. There, she is responsible for leading the development of policy and a programme to guide the coordination of EAs, land use planning and permitting for new mines in the Ring of Fire located in the far north of the province.

Ariane has been a Board member of the OAIA since 2010. Ariane is particularly interested in educating OAIA members and others about EA processes and the latest trends/thinking in EA through organizing conferences and other activities.

Last Updated: April, 2019