As the Principal of Anneliese Grieve Strategic Environmental Planning Solutions, Anneliese Grieve, B.A., M.E.S. solves client problems with a set of informed skills and over 28 years of experience working in the environmental industry and a profound understanding of how to achieve environmental approvals. Anneliese is a recognized expert in the application of EA for the approval of complex and controversial projects and has specialized expertise in social impact assessment and stakeholder engagement. Recent work has involved creating regulatory strategies that use non-traditional approaches to environmental planning to meet the needs of the project, the affected communities, and the proponent while also meeting all legal and regulatory requirements. Anneliese is an extensively trained facilitator who brings diverse stakeholder groups together to find common ground and shared values in order to identify a path forward.

Anneliese brings to the Board her passion for undertaking great EA planning, mentoring and training young professionals, and her experience creating and implementing innovative EA process.


Last Updated: April, 2019